(obstacle 1) You'll have to grab our snowcats by the tail to get up this slope. Don't slip or you will end up back at the Foggy Goggle before you have worked up a thirst.
    (obstacle 2) Have you heard about being stuck between a rock and a hard place? You're in luck, this has both!
  • BOND
    (obstacle 3) Ready for some bonding time? You're in luck! YOu are on the 007 trail, like Bond, James Bond. No secret agents here. Just keep running.
    (obstacle 4)Our construction crew forgot to put their giant pipes in the ground. Not to worry, just give it a big leap and slide over.
    (obstacle 5) We had a lot of snow this year so we have added some foothills to our giant scale model of the giant peak.
    (obstacle 6) Leaping Logs! Watch your step or you'll end up knocking your noggin.
    (obstacle 7) Make it over this rollers, and if you can hold on you'll go under, and over, and under, and over...
  • Trout Line
    (obstacle 8) Getting across the pond doesn’t mean you will necessarily get wet, but you probably will because it is hard to balance a tired and aching body on a teeny little line. If you feel a nibble, don’t worry. The trout that swim the pond are trained to not eat people.
  • The Belly Flop
    (obstacle 9)Good luck making it up this muddy hill without any assistance. When you slip, you'll be doing a belly flop and find yourself sliding back down the hill.
  • Nail Biter
    (obstacle 10) We figured everything but your fingertips hurt at this point. After this obstacle, the pain will be total.
    (obstacle 11) Isn't "giant boulder" redundant? Not this one. Climb, baby, climb!
  • Boulder Dash
    (obstacle 12) That’s right - more rocks to climb over! These are bigger and slicker than the last ones, plus they cut about 50 feet off the route.
  • Tahoe Trot
    (obstacle 13) Nothing like a nice jog through ice water to get you blood going. The cold water will help stop the bleeding.
    (obstacle 14) Do you still have the strength to make it over these angled walls or will you be falling?
    (obstacle 15) Life is about balance, so is this obstacle. Find your balance or find the mud.
  • Wormhole
    (obstacle 16 Slithering through a dark wet tunnel might make you feel like a night crawler, but don’t worry the end is near! Just remember to crawl towards the light.
    (obstacle 17) Just when the going gets easy, the going gets verticle. Have a nice climb!
  • Swamp Swaggle
    (obstacle 18) We call it Mud on the Mountain for a reason. It’s such a lovely spot for a mud bath, we should have charged extra for it. Travel through the mud and along one of the prettiest ponds at the resort.
  • The Hangover
    (obstacle 19) Your whole body will hurt after you dangle from your arms above a mighty mass of mud. This monster of an obstacle is definitely no playground.
    (obstacle 20) We always have asked “Why run down a lovely country lane when you can make your way over giant boulders and through briars?” This obstacle took millions of years to make and is brought to you by Mother Nature.
    (obstacle 21) You are back on dry land. Now you just have to go over and under a few giant, and slick, poles we have placed in your way. Watch your head! We don’t want you to get a boo-boo.
    (obstacle 22) You will feel like a waterfowl as you make your way across a pond and under barrels that we have placed in your path. The pond is not all that deep, and we guarantee the water temperature is at least 33 degrees.
    (obstacle 23) Keep your head and other big body parts down as you crawl under a web of barbwire. Please don't bleed on your muddy friends and family.
  • Three Stooges
    (obstacle 24) You'll be screaming for Larry, Curly and no Moe after you tackle these three walls.
    (obstacle 25) It may look like a giant waterslide to you, but once you've been down the slide of doom, you will understand why we named it what we did. Look out for the rock under lane one, or is it lane two?
  • Log Out
    (obstacle 26) We wanted to “branch” out a little with this obstacle that will “leave” you wondering what you have gotten into.
  • Clint's Hurdles
    (obstacle 27) What a way to finish! Friends and family will cheer you on as you try to make it over this giant hurdle. Hopefully you have some stilts to make it over!

Mud on the Mountain | Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mud on the Mountain offers athletes a chance to get down and dirty atop the beautiful Laurel Highlands. The seven mile mud run course winds its way up, down and through some of the most challenging terrain in Pennsylvania. This event will take place on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Across more than seven miles of body-breaking terrain you will traverse ponds, scale boulder fields, climb your way over obstacles and claw your way up impossible inclines, all on your way to a triumphant finish! After working to destroy your body, stick around for the Recovery Party in the Foggy Goggle, pamper yourself in the Trillium Spa and dine in one of the resort’s amazing restaurants or give sporting clays a shot for a little extra excitement!

CLICK HERE to Register for Mud on the Mountain

Seven Springs In the Community

Seven Springs is proud to be an economically vital and compassionate part of our community. We support out local charities that work to improve the quality of life for our neighbors and out communities.

Over the past three years, Seven Springs has supported and developed relationships throughout the local community, including Somerset, Fayette, and Westmoreland counties, as well as the Pittsburgh region. Seven Springs Mountain Resort supports many non-profit and civic organizations through considerable charitable and community efforts, specifically charitable giving, merchandise and ticket donations, and volunteer efforts.

Giving Back

Seven Springs directly participates in and supports a number of important initiatives. For instance, since 2006, the resort has contributed to 1,104 community organizations ranging from:

  • Toys For Tots
  • Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The American Red Cross
  • Special Olympics
  • The Salvation Army
  • Samuel Hicks Memorial Fund
  • The Girl Scouts of Western PA
  • The Boy Scouts of America
  • Boarding for Breast Cancer
  • The Children's Home of Pittsburgh
  • Scholarship Programs
  • The Humane Society of Somerset County
  • The United Way of the Laurel Highlands
  • and Many More!

For more information please Click Here


For a complete list of frequently asked questions, click here.

Must be 18+ years of age


*Registration for Mud on the Mountain closes on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.


Printable Waiver Form >

Mud on the Mountain

Saturday, May 9, 2015

  • Jan. 15 - March 13, 2015 | $75*
  • March 14 - May 6, 2015 | $85*

*Timed heat at 8 a.m. add $10

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777 Waterwheel Dr., Seven Springs, PA 15622